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Anyone using an Everyone Group?

Joshua Hutley
Occasional Visitor

Anyone using an Everyone Group?



I am interested if anyone is using a group which allows access to everyone in the organization.


This is instead of the everyone access as provided by TRIM.


The primary reason for this is to have this information displayed when a user views the access controls in the bottom view pane for access controls.


Everyone is not displayed normally displayed in this view pane. If we had a group called everyone it would.


Happy to hear people's thoughts on the matter.



Esteemed Contributor

Re: Anyone using an Everyone Group?

in Trim "everyone" does not mean everyone it means no access control is set. (there is no tsaccess entry for the record / permission) in some cases like for updating records, if modify record access is set to "everyone" only people in the Owner Location group or record administrators can update the record. So if you start chnaging Access Controls from the inbuilt "everyone" to a real location representing everyone you will alter the way that works.
Neil Summers
HPE Expert

Re: Anyone using an Everyone Group?

Your question takes me on a nostalgic trip back to the old days when people were upgrading from TRIM Captura to TRIM Context. If they used record type security in Captura, more often than not they had a group in Captura that included all users. When the database was upgraded to TRIM 5.x the "Everyone" group was automatically applied to all the records. From memory this not only made the management of access controls more complex, but it significantly slowed TRIM down, because every single time metadata was retrieved from the database, the query had to include additional access control clauses.


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Joshua Hutley
Occasional Visitor

Re: Anyone using an Everyone Group?



The main reason for considering an everyone group is primarily to display some entry in the access control view pane list.


Some users find it confusing that TRIM doesn't populate the entry for an access control permission when set to everyone.


Has anyone got a suggestion has to how to make it clear for users that everyone is set for an access control permission?


//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event