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Anti-Virus Software On TRIM servers

Joshua Hutley
Occasional Visitor

Anti-Virus Software On TRIM servers

Our IT would like to install trend Anti-Virus onto our TRIM servers and SQL servers.

I have been asked if they need to exclude any paths on these servers from the anti-virus.

I have searched through the documentation for TRIM and couldn't find any information about this.

Perhaps I should ask them to exclude any temp stores and caches for performance reasons?


Any thoughts on this?





Honored Contributor

Re: Anti-Virus Software On TRIM servers

We recommend that all the TRIM processes and paths be exluded from virus scanning tasks.

The behaviour of all the various virus scanners is too unreliable and random. I've seen some sites fall over thanks to virus scanners on the server...

Neil Summers
HPE Expert

Re: Anti-Virus Software On TRIM servers

Hi Joshua,


It would be undesirable for a virus scanner to decide to move documents out of the TRIM store into its quarantine folder (or delete them) because it thinks it's identified a security risk. Users would get errors, TRIM administrators would be scratching their heads, a call would be logged with HP for the error messages, and a lot of time would be spent figuring out why documents mysteriously disappeared out of the TRIM store. Guaranteed IT would blame TRIM before their virus scanner. In theory all TRIM documents are virus scanned at the client before being catalogued.


If virus-scanning the TRIM store it's important the virus scanning software is configured appropriately to avoid this sort of effect.




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