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Annotate / Redact

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Annabelle Wills

Annotate / Redact

Hi, we have HP TRIM 6.24 build 1240.  Under TRIM setup information, it shows that we are licensed to Annotate / Redact.  Which module should we install to be able to do the above?  We tried installing / running the Rendering module but it is telling us that we are not licensed for it.  Is the licence for render module separate from Annotate / Redact?  Many thanks.


Honored Contributor

Re: Annotate / Redact

Annotation/redaction is a part of the thick client. You don't need to install anything else. It also only works with TIFF files. Place a TIFF in trim, right-click on it and select "annotate".  For a redaction, right-click->New->New Redaction.

Annabelle Wills

Re: Annotate / Redact

I hardly work with .tif files so did not realise this functionality has always been there.  Thank you Erik for the clarification. 

Neil Summers
HPE Expert

Re: Annotate / Redact

The Render module is related in a way, in that it can be used to create TIF renditions of other document formats to allow those records to be annotated/redacted.


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