Administrator Rights

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Administrator Rights

Just a quick question.  I was lead to beleive, and the Help File supports this, that an administrator was unable to change their own Security Profile details (these are the words in the help file).  In our system, as an administrator, I can bring up my profile details and click on the Security button (in the usage profile area) and make as many changes as I want - I can add caveats, change security level (only thing I cannot do is change my user permissions).  I also have some custom users that I have allocated certain rights and caveats to, but they are also able to go in and change their own caveats and security level.  Seems a bit percualiar that a user (even at admin level) can change their own security settings (as help file specifically states otherwise).  Anyone have any comments/feedback on this?



PS: Using TRIM 6.1.5



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Re: Administrator Rights

I think it is the Modify Logins and User Profiles permission that gives the access to change your own location details. 


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