Additional Fields

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Additional Fields

Is anyone aware of a way to use an additional field multiple times on a page when creating a record type ?


Any ideas/suggestions would be appreciated.






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Re: Additional Fields

If you were able to put the same field on the form twice, then they would have the same value, because you only have one field.

If you want 2 separate fields, you have no other option than to create a Field1, Field2 to store 2 different values.

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Re: Additional Fields

The only "multi" value way for an additional field is the "Text" type,

otherwise its a single value string, Date, Integer, loction etc


not sure of your requirements but look in to a "text" field linked to a lookup set.


I have used this in the past for a "Countries" field which can be mutti entry depending on the files juristracion, with the lookup set simply being a list of valid countries.


The user can select none, one or multple countriesfrom this lookup set.