Action tracking not displaying Action Steps

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Action tracking not displaying Action Steps

Hi all,

I have a problem with Action Tracking and found this old forum post which seems related but didn't seem to get resolved...

I'm basically having actually the same problem in that I have an Action Tracking setup with multiple Procedures, each with their own Action Steps.

When I attached the Action / Procedure to a record and then "right click record>Show Actions/Procedures" all the Procedures and their Action Steps are shown correctly (see 1st attached screenshot) but if I refresh TRIM and / or close and re-open TRIM and then repeat the process of "right click record>Show Actions/Procedures" I can only view the Procedures, the Action steps are missing (see 2nd screenshot).

Any ideas out there?

Thanks in advance :smileyhappy:

Jason Boswell
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Re: Action tracking not displaying Action Steps

I just tried to replicate what you are seeing in TRIM7 but could not get the same results. The action steps were shown after I closed TRIM or refreshed. It may have been resolved in a later version that you are using.