Action Tracking notification

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Action Tracking notification

This one has been driving me nuts over the last few days.


I'm trying to set up Action Tracking notifications in TRIM 7.1 (Build 1157).  I have set up email templates for Action Assigned, Action Made Current and Action Overdue.  I have also gone into the HP System Options -> Events and ticked the boxes for Email notifications for Action first assigned, Action is ready to commence, and Action is overdue.


So far, I have been able to get email notifications to my own account, but not to anyone else.  I have tried setting the email address on user profiles, both as an Exchange Server address, and an Internet address.  Each time, it will send an email to me if I am the Responsible Location, but not to anyone else if they are the Responsible Location.

I have even replaced my own email address with someone elses', in the hope that it would use that address and send the email to them.  I still received the email!  (This makes me think it is drawing the information from somewhere other than the email of the profile).


Has anyone else been able to get this to work?  I remember at my old organisation (with a previous version of TRIM) that TRIM required the email address to be marked as the default one (even if there was only one), but that hasn't had any effect in this situation.  It either sends it to me, or no-one.


Thanks in advance!