A couple of 7.1 issues

Alby White
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A couple of 7.1 issues

Just a couple of quick questions on 7.1

  1. Is there a way to customise the size of the icons on the TRIM toolbar? The default is small, and our inexperienced TRIM users have difficulty navigating the icons, and they are small. The large icons are too large and our Standard Operating Environment toolbar does not display fully when large icons are enabled.
  2. In the HP TRIM Options – Dropped Files, the option to delete the email message does not mean that the message is deleted from Outlook. For that you still need to configure the TRIM settings in Outlook to delete messages when catalogued in TRIM. So my question is what does selecting “Delete the Email message” from Dropped Files actually do?   
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Re: A couple of 7.1 issues

1. No, there isn't an option in TRIM to change the button size except normal or 'large' as you've already pointed out.

2. Those options are for 'Dropped Files' e.g. Drag and Drop functionality.
It does not affect the catalogue button in the Outlook integration.