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7.1.2 Build 1879 - DCI showing 'Blocked by Error'

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Yuri Prado
Super Contributor.

7.1.2 Build 1879 - DCI showing 'Blocked by Error'



Does anyone knows how to fix issues with the DCI? Our document content index is showing the following error status: ''Blocked By Error" - Over 30000+ blocked events are queued up that need to be processed. Is there any information regarding dealing with this issue?


Any information is much appreciated.



Neil Summers
Micro Focus Expert

Re: 7.1.2 Build 1879 - DCI showing 'Blocked by Error'

Hi Yuri,


As you'd already know, 7.1 is no longer supported by HP so there's not a lot of point trying to log a support case. Which is probably why you're asking the forum...


In many cases with ISYS the blocked by error message was caused by the ISYS index becoming corrupt. If that's the case, there are instructions in the TRIM 7.1 online help about how to restore the index from the last known good backup and reindex everything updated since.


You'll really need to start by finding out what the error was and seeing if you can resolve it. Look at the ISYS DCI logs &  Windows application event log to begin with.


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HPE Software Support Online (SSO):
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Re: 7.1.2 Build 1879 - DCI showing 'Blocked by Error'

The error could also be caused by a record in TSEVENTDAT which cannot be processed.


Review the windows application event logs to see why the error happened.



Yuri Prado
Super Contributor.

Re: 7.1.2 Build 1879 - DCI showing 'Blocked by Error'

Thanks both.


I have logged the matter with one of our partners.


PS. We are in the process of planning our 8.1 upgrade.





Jane Hay
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Re: 7.1.2 Build 1879 - DCI showing 'Blocked by Error'

hi Yuri,


We had this same error recently (we just had an emergency upgrade to 7.1.2 a few weeks back from 7.1.0). Incidentally  we still have HP support for 7.1 into 2015 while we plan our 8.1 upgrade.


As mentioned by RogerDoger, our issue was due to a record in TSEVENTDAT which could not be processed. The cause of the issue was that a record was created and deleted before the DCI could process it. It's a known issue with 7.1.2 and comes with the usual catch cry of "upgrade".  We had to quarrantine the affected document and then delete the affected row from the tsevent table, plus the usual suspend/enable CI event process.


here are the details from HP:

QCCR2D47471 -- DCI--add a record and have the record deleted immediately before it is processed by DCI processor will cause the "Block By Error" issue to DCI processor.