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office 2007 packaging

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office 2007 packaging

i need any documents to help me in packaging office 2007 on Client Automation 7.5
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Re: office 2007 packaging

The recommended packaging method here is via CA Application Management Profiles -- AMPs.
Packaging Office via AMPs has various benefits over using the drop and run method -- namely:

A. When using the drop and run method one MASSIVE package containing the ENTIRE CD for Office 2007 is created, delivered and executed via setup. Once setup.exe is run, it copies all the files to c:\msocache and then to c:\program files. This is a huge waste of space.

B. If all the files for all the 2007 products are dumped into a single folder as per Microsoft's suggestion, uninstalling one of the products removes common files (needed by the other products such as Visio), unless all the files are set to abandoned.

As reference, you can use the following:

1. The AMPs guide included with your media



4. The attached contents of this zip file.

5. Lastly, here's the technote for the drop and run method if you choose to go that route...

One additional note is that if you choose to go the AMP route, you should check that the Product Version field in the Product Configuration section is set correctly (Pro, etc)

Krishanu Bokshi
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Re: office 2007 packaging


I got those document , but how to download ??
there is no option to download...pls help me
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Re: office 2007 packaging

Hi Krishanu,

What are you having trouble downloading?

At any rate, I just realized I made this post in the CAS forum, and AMP is not available in 7.5 CAS. I have a technote on one way to package Office 2007 within the confines of CAS, it will be in the system shortly.
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