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biosconfigutility will not update 8440

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biosconfigutility will not update 8440

Biosconfigutility will report that it makes changes to Wake on LAN to disable it but it doesn't actually make the change when you go back in to the BIOS.

It reports a failure for Security Level Settings to Hide Quicklook and Quickweb.

I downloaded the latest available utilities and have had no luck getting it to take.

I've used previous versions on many other platforms and it has worked fine.

Holger Müller
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Re: biosconfigutility will not update 8440

I've got the same experience.
We made a config file with just a few settings.
When I apply them on an 8440p, it is reported as done, even if I use a "getconfig", the changes are visible until the next reboot.
Applying the same config file to an 6930p works fine!
I suggest help from an HP specialist is needed...