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When would a file that does not exist be an issue?

Mike Vaughn
Frequent Visitor

When would a file that does not exist be an issue?

In working with the patch manager. I find that many bulletins are released for files that I don't have on our systems. Especially things that you can optionally choose to not install.

With our current config of F_NEW_OK, these bulletins tend to be flagged with a RED X. This is because we don't have the file, and therefore it doesn't have the correct version.

Under what circumstances would you care that a file didn't exist?

Could we update our default to !E=0 on the base instance and be safe?

Or should we follow the alternative approach and create a custom.xml for each patch that has this issue. This seems harder to track especially if MS or NVDM release an updated xml for the bulletin.

And finally. Does someone have a better method?
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event