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VNC Server Service

Abdel Wahab Moh
Respected Contributor.

VNC Server Service

Hi all,

I need to publish the VNC program to clients of CAS 7.5 to make remote control on devices.

I used the publisher to publish the VNC program using silent installation of VNC. It published successfully and installed on the target devices, but the problem is thatI need the VNC Server service to be run on all devices which I installed the VNC program on.

Does any one know how to make the VNC Server service started immedatly after installation without any user intervention?
Karl Skelton
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Re: VNC Server Service

What happens if you manually install VNC outside of CAS deployment? does the service start automatically?
If it doesn't then i'd suggest you want to be googling for VNC forums.

What version of VNC are you using?

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Re: VNC Server Service

Hi Abdel,
does it have to be run as a service? If not, you can create another package contain a shortcut at Windows start up menu pointing to VNC executable file.
Otherwise, you must recreate the package using adminstudio or something like that. Install VNC on a clean OS (I prefer on a fresh OS running on VMWare). Set VNC as a service (with all other option that you might need). Capture with application repackager. I'm using Appdeploy repackager to repackage TightVNC. It's free.

Abdel Wahab Moh
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Re: VNC Server Service

Hi eRos/Karl,

Thanks a lot for your reply. I actually solved the problem by dividing the package into two packages, one installs the TightVNC and the other installs the service.

Abdel Wahab,