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Software management - automatic installation.


Software management - automatic installation.


I am using CCM 2.0 in windows 2003 server environment.

I would like to install the .exe software automatically on the nodes using the deploy software.

Can any one help me with the example?


Karl Skelton
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Re: Software management - automatic installation.

When you say "in windows 2003 server environemnt", do you mean these are your CCM client devices? If so, i don't believe Wind2003 is a support OS in CCM. You should check the install\release notes.

As for the deployment example... isn't this all wizard driven?
Once you have the CCM client deployed to your targets you should publish an application, then following the deployment wizard. Should be pretty straighforward i believe. But then again if you're using Win2003 as you clients this may be an issue.



Re: Software management - automatic installation.

Hi Girdhar,

Servers are now covered with CCM 2.1, which was released near the end of last year. CCM does not include "desired state" so it doesn't really automatically deploy software (depending on how you interpret it).

What you can do with CCM is schedule the software deployment job to recur on a scheduled basis. Any machines in the group or groups that had not received the software will receive it the next time the scheduled deployment runs (this could be new devices or devices that were not available).

Does this answer your question?

Steve Berube
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Re: Software management - automatic installation.

There is also a job called a Software Synchronization job which will perform pseudo desired state. It will bring all the devices in the target group up to par (Install missing software) with the entitlements for that group.

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event