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Setup help

Henry Mahler
Acclaimed Contributor

Setup help

We are trying to install CAS but we are having a problem with the SQL setup.

We are running on Win 2003 with SQL express 2005.

Every time we try to setup the new database or connect to an existing we get authentication errors. SQL was already installed on this server and I'm not sure what the SA password is so we are trying to use Windows authentication.

Sorry if this isn't enough info but we've never used CAS before.

Any insight would be MUCH appreciated.

shibin p s

Re: Setup help


You first create a DB and user to access the database.Then check if the ODBC connection is setup properly.If agein you are facing a problem you may need to check for some firwalls or antivirus blocking anything in between.

Give and Take
Henry Mahler
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Setup help

Hi Shibin,
Thanks for the quick reply!

I created a DB and added a user but it still didn't work. I setup an OBDC DSN for the new DB and everything worked fine but it still fails during the install. I downloaded SQL Studio Management 2008 express to make things a little easier to configure.

I'll admit that I'm not a SQL guru but i feel like this should be much easier.


Henry Mahler
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Setup help

okay...I finally got it installed. it was an issue with the sa password.

I have another question:

Can you use the Console to capture an OS image?


Do you have to use the Image Prep Tool?

Karl Skelton
Honored Contributor

Re: Setup help

Maybe you already worked it out? But you have to use the Image Prep Wizard to capture and image.


//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event