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Reset Management portal user password

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Reset Management portal user password

Hi Expert, 


Urgent help needed , I forgotten Admin user name password so I am not able to login on console.

Please help me to restoring the password ..


I already gone through this below process..

Steps to be follow in order to reset the password :

  1. Stop the Management Portal Service.
  2. Use the command prompt to navigate to the Management Portal folder and run:
    nvdkit httpd.tkd   -debug 1
  3. Wait for the % sign to appear.
  4. Assuming the zone name is 'hp' and the new password we intend to set is 'secret' (the existing zone name and the desired new password have to be entered in the command line below ), copy and paste the following command and press 'Enter':

    $::rmp::handle modify uid=admin,cn=user,cn=hp,cn=radia mod: userpassword secret
  5. Wait for the % sign to appear.
  6. Type 'exit' and press 'Enter .'
  7. Start the Management Portal.
  8. The new password can now be used to login into the Management Portal.


But in Step 2:-- there is no such file nvdkit , so I am not able to proceed further.


CAS Server version – 7.90.010 .


Urgent response needed on this.. thank in advance.




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Re: Reset Management portal user password



There should be nvdkit-*.exe file under Portal directory. Can you send hs the directory listing ?