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Required Windows services

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Required Windows services

I would like to know if anyone has established what windows services are required to run for the client to install and report back inventory.

I have had to go back and re install on machines where the ASP.Net services was not started and for 95% of not inventoried machines this was enough. I still have a handful of machines that won't inventory.

I had noticed in a previous post you asked for the client log. Could I please get the location and or filename or are you asking for the error message from the job on the the managent server?


Roy O Gatewood_
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Re: Required Windows services

Sounds like several questions here.
Understand that the AUDIT Service runs on the client which sends a WEBAUDIT object to the RCS that converts it to xml and places it in a queue. RMS then comes along and processes it.
Can you determine where it's failing in this process?
There are three services that run for the client.
The logs are located in the log directory where the client is installed.
.NET is only required when using Software Manager.
What do you mean by management server?
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Re: Required Windows services

management server was just the client configuration manager console.

I appreatiate the explanation in the process Roy, I will need to now look and try to work out from the client log where the process is failing.

I must be honest, I had determined alot of my issues as possibly bad client installs. I was on the wrong track with the ASP.Net service as my laptop has not that service running and it is inventorying fine

we push forward.

Roy, have you been able to lay your hands on the database schema for ccm openview