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Reporting on patch status to OpenView Operations

Kevin Kelling
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Reporting on patch status to OpenView Operations

The goal here is to be able to look at the OpenView Operations (OVOW) console and see a view which displays the patch compliance of our servers.

This would be easy to build if there were a log file or entry on each server which I could "scrape" with an OVOW policy for information.

The problem is that we've spent some time looking at the RAM_PATCH.LOG file and we haven't been able to interperet this file.

Basically what we need is a pattern in the log file that will identify each of the following:

* When a patch is installed
* What critical patches are missing and how many days old the oldest critical patch is.

For example, when using Windows Update, this information is easily retrievable from monitoring certain categories of the Windows event log as well as using a VBScript to return the Windows Update install history.

We can't find a way to do any of this with Radia.

We are aware that much of this information can be seen in the Radia Portal, but that is not what we use in our Network Operations Center -- we use OpenView Operations and we need this information visible there.

P.S. Anyone know anything about a Radia SPI for OVOW?


Jake Burman
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Re: Reporting on patch status to OpenView Operations


There is an OVO SPI. It was written for OVO6, I'm not sure if it will port to the newer versions (I'm thinking about loading it up myself). The premise behind the SPI is; you enable SNMP on the RCS, and OVO traps the messages as client connections are performed. I'm not 100% sure what events are captured, but it looks like at least appevents (install, upgrade, delete... etc..) of Radia managed software. If it doesn't trap the Patch information, I'm sure it could be tailored / extended to do so. You can view the Radia OVO SPI manual at If you end up loading this up, let me know how it goes.

hope this helps,

_jake Burman
Pepperweed Consulting, LLC
Kevin Kelling
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Re: Reporting on patch status to OpenView Operations

That sounds like what we found before. 5 year old UNIX versions won't do us much good. Need something that works with OVOW 7.x.

HP was just on site a few weeks ago and they said they have a Radia SPI that works with OVOW 7.x but no one can show me where it is....

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Re: Reporting on patch status to OpenView Operations

Hi Kevin, any updates on this? I'm thinking of writing a SPI for RADIA using ovo7.5?