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Radia Patch Manager v Update Expert


Radia Patch Manager v Update Expert


If possible I would like an unbiased answer to my query.


We are soon to deploy a new XP desktop where all software that is within the build has been packaged with Radia.

The XP desktop is locked down so no manual installs can be done and hopefully all new software and software updates will continue to be packaged and deployed via Radia.


Our Patch Management tool is Update Expert which we have been using successfully when deploying security fixes (OS) and software upgrades (WMP & Adobe Reader). What are the implications if we are to carry on using Update Expert to deploy security fixes to an XP build where most of the software has been packaged by Radia. I know the fix for this would be to buy the Patch Manager bolt on tool but this product is costly so I've heard. Can you advise on what the implications are, if any, and do you have any examples/evidence of this?


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Re: Radia Patch Manager v Update Expert

If you're talking strictly about OS security updates, there should be no implications to using any non-radia approach to installation (be it manual or a via a third party tool)...

...however if you're talking about applying Software patches to applications that are under management by Radia, you could find yourself in a situation where the tools battle each other for control of the application...

I would recommend against dismissing Radia Patch Manager simply because of a rumour re: cost. Check with your HP sales rep - you may find it's not as costly as you've heard...or the rumours may be confirmed...there are advantages to having a single management infrastructure.
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