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Radia Auto Patch Installation Issue

Gurdyal Singh
Acclaimed Contributor

Radia Auto Patch Installation Issue

I have installed the Radia Patch Manager latest version with reporting server. Everything seems to work fine, Patch Manager Server was able to detect the vulnerabilities in the client system but the patches were not able to install automatically. These are the steps we followed while retrieving the patches from the internet.

Configuration of Patch manager thru webpage
1. Selected the SUS Server via the internal proxy server.
2. Selected Publish and Distribute for only windows XP Professional Machines.
3. Acquired all the patches starting with wildcard MS05*
4. Went to Radia System explorer, created one user Administrator
5. Attached the PATCHMGR.ZSERVICE.* to POILICY.USER 'Administrator'
6. in PATCHMGR.ZSERVICE. set the attribute Mandatory/Optional Service as M & O both checked as this service was not visible in Radia Client Catalog. Did the same with all the patches MS05* so they would be also visible in catalog.
7. Logged on the Radia Client as ‘Administrator’
8. Ran the DISCOVER PATCHES installation.
9. It filtered the applicable patches that are required on the machine.
10. If I right click on those patches and install them, it gets installed successfully and prompts for reboot if required.

But the problem is the after detecting the vulnerabilities the patches are not getting installed automatically; if you can shed some light on it then, I will be very thankful

Gurdyal Singh
Honored Contributor

Re: Radia Auto Patch Installation Issue

Hi Gurdyal,

I think auto patch is turn off automatically by default to allow It dept to test a patch before releasing it to all users.

However, you still want to persist, I think the trick is to add the paranmeter catexp=runmode:automatic into your radskman command line.

good luck.
Gurdyal Singh
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Radia Auto Patch Installation Issue

Thanks Jason for the reply, Can you please tell me where and how do i enter the RDSKMAN Command? and how can it be executed remotely

Gurdyal Singh
Francois Libert
Frequent Visitor

Re: Radia Auto Patch Installation Issue

Hi Gurdyal,
You can deploy Patches using Radia Software Manager like you did or using Radia Application Manager and the radskman command line, as suggested by Jason and as explained in the Patch Manager documentation.

If you want to use RSM to deploy mandatory applications automatically you should set enterprisemanagement to auto in LIB\args.xml. If you need mandatory applications to be visible in the catalog, set ZSVCCAT to Y in the corresponding ZSERVICE. But leave ZSVCMO intact unless you do want the service to be optional.

In order to use RAM, all you have to do is navigate to the Radia client directory in a command line prompt and issue a radskman command. Mandatory applications will be installed automatically. If you need to do so remotely, issue a notify command using radntfyc.exe located in the same directory. You can issue that command from any client machine

Gurdyal, all of the above is detailed in the documentation so I suggest you read it carefully before attempting to configure Radia. Once the configuration is complete and your environment set up to work in a particular way it will be very difficult to come back and make changes. I also recommend attending the available courses, they will provide you with working knowledge that you can't acquire by simply reading the documentation.

Hope this helps,

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