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RADTRAY is causing inabilty to reboot/shutdown by non admins

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RADTRAY is causing inabilty to reboot/shutdown by non admins

I really dont know were to begin with this...

We have a `larger` client base... about 40,000 clients... And we are implementing this Product in phased approch the first phase was:

The client, timers, and a ZSERVICE for Inventory.

we have been rolling out to our various business units in waves of 5-10k per month. And have had almost zero issues until...

Some machines in the last wave 5k stopped being ables to restart or log off about 1-5% of the machines... We have cut a ticket with HP but because we cannot duplicate this problem on demand its a real mystery.

When a machine is in this bad state, RADTRAY is running at SYSTEM level and is basically hung. If an Admin kills the Task the machine is released. IF the users were at admin level they would not have even noticed an issue..

We suspected the timers could be the issue so we adjusted the timer to suppress the RADTRAY from popping up during the nightly connects. We are considering also removing the RADTRAY altogether, but I am worried that this is treating the symptom not the disease...

Has anyone experienced this before? we are running Client 4.01 and we are planning to rollout the client updates when the rollout is complete... (level 6 is planned.)