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Problem deploying patches

Andy Hallett
Acclaimed Contributor

Problem deploying patches

I am able to deploy software to this particular machine but am unable to deploy any patches, error with 709. In fact one particular patch, MS05-026, had the error message "Check validity of patch, it seems like it is putting the device into a perpetual reboot" !!!
All the patches have been successfully deployed to other machines.
Any help greatly appreciated.
Biju V George!
Honored Contributor

Re: Problem deploying patches

Hello Andy,

Check out the log files. It might be there is no probe that is available for MS05-026 bulletin. might happen that the it might be causing dll conflict !!

Hope this helps !!

Francois Libert
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Re: Problem deploying patches

Hi all,
Biju IMO if the probe was missing the problem would show also in other machines...
Andy would you like to see if deleting the lib (and letting the client rebuild it) solves the problem? There might be a corruption issue here. All you have to do is delete all the FOLDERS (not the FILES) in IDMROOT, ie at the root of the LIB folder. After you deleted those folders, run a connect so that the client can download all the metadata (the EDM files) again, that may solve a problem with a corrupt object.
If that doesn't help, then as Biju suggested you should check out the logs. Or at least post them in here and we'll try to help.

Best regards,

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