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Patches that require reboots

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Patches that require reboots

I was just curious as to how everyone handles patches that require reboots. Do you force a reboot after a patch connect? Do you put up the reboot box and let the user decide? Please let me know. Thanks!
Biju V George!
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Re: Patches that require reboots

Hi Bill,

Based on customer requirement we can either suppress or User can decide the reboot status. Also remember that the compliance report will not change until reboot.

Hope this helps !!

Jason D Blue
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Re: Patches that require reboots

Because compliance is not reported till reboot, we've decided on putting up a reboot dialog with a five minute timeout, after which a hard reboot occurs.
Kelvin Ferguson
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Re: Patches that require reboots


Again it normally depends on client requirements, but most of ours have the reboot completely suppressed and rely on the box being restarted on a regular basis (most machines seem to be shut down overnight for the majority of clients).


Thompson, Jim
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Re: Patches that require reboots

Compliance is reported immediately. Not all patches require a reboot and their status is updated on the compliance report as soon as the patch has finished installing (if you allow for any lag time introduced by RIM or RMS). Even patches that require reboots update the compliance information immediately - to show that a 'reboot is required'.

The fact is that a device itself is not compliant (in some cases) until a reboot has been performed - but this fact is certainly updated in close to real-time within the Patch Vulnerability reports.

Having said all that...I agree with the approach of forcing a reboot. In some cases failing to reboot after a patch application can leave the machine in an indeterminate state. (some files have been applied, others are waiting to be applied on the reboot)

Suppressing required reboots has the potential to cause problems or stability issues until the reboot has been performed.
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