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Patch repository creation in HPCAS 7.2

sandeep mathur
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Patch repository creation in HPCAS 7.2

Hi guys,

I have got some 900 managed clients. I will create 4 groups and add 100 clients to it.
If I want to create patch repository in each of the groups.I will do the patch acquisiton in Main Server.I will fetch the reqd patches from main server to repositories?

So My questions are

1.I have to install whole HPCAS 7.2 on all the 4 groups?
( I dont think I can install the patch Manager alone in CAS as it is bundled product of Radia).
2. Do I need separate licenses for different repositories.Or the main CAS server license will carry over for all those repositories

Please help me out.

Ben Sweetser
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Re: Patch repository creation in HPCAS 7.2


I think you are talking about "Infrastructure Servers" (essentially distribution points). You run the acquisition for the patches once and then you can load the patches to the Infrastructure Servers for distribution.

All clients you are managing with need an agent. All the Infrastructure Servers will need the Infrastructure agent (deployed from Configuration > Infrastructure). Infrastructure servers do not need separate licenses. HPCAS is licensed by the number of managed devices only.