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Patch Import/Export

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Patch Import/Export


I have Radia Patch Manager and RCS installed.I need to Import/export the patches to another RCS Server.When i do that thru RADDBUTIL, iam able to export it properly but when i import it to another RCS Server it throws me some error.i have attached the log file.

Also i tried with ZEDMAMS command for importing the 3 files(xpr,xpc,xpi) to the RCS again the same problem.i have attached the log file...

could anyone tell me how to do that step by step ?

vinod r kumar
Roy O Gatewood_
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Re: Patch Import/Export

The log is pretty clear. The database is locked.
Check of other processes (RDCS etc) that may have the database locked.
The RCS log should also give some indication.
Robert Ball_1
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Re: Patch Import/Export

RMPs, while seemingly idle, can also lock the RCS database - check the manager log for Radia Explorer sessions.....

If this is the cause, it can be cured using the latest RCS service pack, which doesn't lock the database for RMP connections.