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Patch Download error 410

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Patch Download error 410

I have installed a radia envirement with patch manager and all thing seems allright and work fine. but i have some trouble when I'am going to acquire Office patch like MSSP-OFFICE2003_1

all the time the reporting server shows 410 and 404 error when trying to download.
but when I click on the link tho download start normely.

Also I modify the timeout to 5 mn.

but I have the some error when downloading.
Kevin Parry_1
Occasional Contributor

Re: Patch Download error 410

I have had these errors on other files and I have in the past ran the acquire at a different time and this seemed to allow the download to work.

As check the url in the acquire log and try to us that url to download the file, it could be that the .xml file has the wrong location defined for the file.


Biju V George!
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Re: Patch Download error 410


Can you send us the acquire logs.
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Re: Patch Download error 410

Hi Guys:

I also faced the same error. I had try to download all the MS patches for example, MS05-*, but i face this Patch Download error 410.

I had also verified that the url in the acquire log to download the file (.xml), point to the correct location.

I had also try on different timing but to no avail.

I had also increase the timeout value to 6min.

Please refer to my log file.

Thank You for your support.

Best Regards.
Francois Libert
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Re: Patch Download error 410

Hi all,

http error 404 means "file not found". As Kevin suggested, you need to verify that the URL used to downlaod the file is working. You can do so by copying the URL from the acquire log and pasting it into your browser's address bar. If the download works, then something might be wrong with the Patch client - or with your connection (check that you can download the file consistently). There is only a problem with the client if you can always download the patch manually but never using the client. If the patch which you have the problem with is in a location that differs from that of the other fixes, check that RPm is correctly configured to access that location (eg proxy configuration, etc.)

http error 410 means "file gone". If you are getting this error it means the file is no longer available. The above test protocol should allow you to determine if the file is effectively gone.

blurer, your log doesn't contain any 410 error. On the other hand you do get errors when trying to download the - it seems Patch Manager can never download it, no matter how many attempts. This is a problem because if you can't get the latest copy of the data feed I believe that Patch Manager will use an older copy if available and therefore with time the links to some patches might become outdated.

If you were only getting a few failures you would want to increase the number of retries (set http_retries to a higher value). But in your case there is definitely something wrong in your configuration. Are you able to download the mssecure manually in a web browser? This works for me, it should for you as well. If you are able to download it manually but not via Patch then you probably need to configure your proxy settings (at least enter the URL of your proxy in HTTP_PROXY_URL), also check with your netowrk admins if there are other parameters you need to know in order to access the internet.

Hope this helps,

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