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PATCHMGR RCS for Servers

Joe Ferrara_1
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PATCHMGR RCS for Servers

We have a very non-standard environment and currently using PATCHMGR to patch all our workstations. We want to start using PATCHMGR to patch our server environment; it was suggested to have a RCS running PATCHMGR just for our server environment. Is this a good path to choose or is there no reason to have a separate RCS for the server environment?
Erich Reis
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Re: PATCHMGR RCS for Servers

I would think that most would depend on the setup of your environment. Some factors that you should evaluate before continuing are: Can your current RCS handle extra load or is it close to maxing out? Will you be patching destkops and the same time that you will be patching servers?

In our environment we use the same RCS's in a teir one/two setting. This gives us the ability to add additional RCS's for tasklimit failover to handle the load. Plus we do not have to change the COP profiles, which we have about 400 subnets. You might want to treat everthing as a client and not difference between a server and a desktop. When you start to manage the two completely different you can add lots of extra Radia management that your team can not handle. I prefer to keep it as simple as possible.
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Re: PATCHMGR RCS for Servers

Hi Joe,

You may consider having patchmgr installed on your RIM server?

That way, you do not have to add an additional RCS server just for your patchmgr module.


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