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Out of Band Management Console

Andreas Zuckerh
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Out of Band Management Console

I've spent a lot of time already with setting up everything for the OV OOB MC, if you haven't faced any problem with that package, you must have a contract with god.

I've finally got everything running, the IIS, SQL, Tomcat, IAMT Provisioning Server, Certsrv and so on and now when I'm finished with this "preparation" and run the OOB MC I can't connect to my device.
Yes, it is provisioned, checked the AMT config again to look if there's something I haven't seen but... there's nothing I would change.

I've followed the whole tutorial of it and it was already quite strange that the rest of the installation, the OOB Install Section was quite "incomplete" and well it seems like it really is.

I receive the Error:
Device is not available.
message:No Hardware Asset Information Available: ;nested exception is: Unconnected sockets not implemented

Device name,user name or password are not valid.
Please Go to Enter Device page and enter the correct information.

Guess what: It is the correct information.

But I'm also facing problems within the IAMT:
"Processing of hello worker aborted: Cannot contact AMT with IP: 10...."

I'm quite sure that both failures belong together but I currently can't think of a way to get rid of them.
If I turn off the Provisioning, I can access the webinterface of the AMT device, and as long as it's provisioned I can't. Don't know if this has got something to do with the problem.

If you give out a piece of software so people can test the "features" of AMT, you shouldn'T build it so you need a load of other Server Applications.
erik dietz_1

Re: Out of Band Management Console

I'm having same problems, how did you fix it?
Andreas Zuckerh
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Re: Out of Band Management Console


no, I've canceled the whole thing due to various reasons.
As long as I don't see that the IAMT Server is improved, and M$ MOM/Systems Center or WSUS will feature vPro in an interesting way, the whole thing is nothing more than experimenting with Beta Products to see what could work in 2 to 5 years.

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Re: Out of Band Management Console


OOBM now is having its 5th version released as part of HPCA 7.5 and has come a long way. Its got many successful customer deployments. You might want to try it out.