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On CCM V2.1 error deploy agent

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On CCM V2.1 error deploy agent

Hi All,

I getting error after deploy agent from CCM server v2.1(attach file). like error1 picture, what is RMA ? RMA is a part of CCM server and CCM server must be registering RMA to the client ?
I have configured :
1. from the ccm server via windows explorer and outside of ccm server able to access c$ share on the target pc
2) the target pc can ping the ip and hostname of the ccm server
3) no firewall beetween target node and ccm server, one segment IP address and no personal firewall if the target node is XP sp2
4) disable simple file sharing on the target pc xp Sp2
5) the ccm server can ping the hostname and ip of target pc.

until now the agent still can not to deploy. How can fix error1 and error2 ?

Thanks for your supports


Roy O Gatewood_
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Re: On CCM V2.1 error deploy agent

There are two components to the CCM agent, one is the Management Agent (RMA)and the other is the Agent (RAM/RSM).
Your jpg implies that it installed ok but was unable to complete the registration process back to the CCM portal.
I didn't expect to see an IP as the device.
It should be the hostname.
I suggest you remove the device and investigate why the IP appears as the Device name.
Ben Sweetser
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Re: On CCM V2.1 error deploy agent

Hi Jermias,

Using an IP address should be fine. When I've seen this error in the past, it was because the target device is not able to see the CCM Server via the address that was entered in the CCM Server installation.

On the CCM Server, look at the file drive:\Novadigm\ManagementPortal\etc\rmp.cfg. In that file is a setting called LISTENING_ADDRESS. Please ensure the target pc can ping the CCM Server at the address listed there.

I was recently on site and devices were not able to ping at the address listed here because they had multiple domains and the devices were seeing the server with the incorrect domain.