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Not able to open CAE client

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Not able to open CAE client

Hi all,

In my machine CAE agent is installed. There are some list of bundled softwares available in CAE.

When I try opening the CAE client in my machine I am getting the below error and it is getting closed.

Vesrion Installed: 8.10

Please suggest how to rectify this problem. Thanks.


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Re: Not able to open CAE client



Please confirm if all the softwares that you have published are optional or mandatory. Only optional softwares are shown in RSM ( Radia self service manager) whose screenshot you have shared.


TO confirm, open CSDB editor and expand the ZSERVICE ( software) that you published ( PRIMARY. SOFTWARE.ZSERVICE.XXXXXXX). Now check the value of ZSVCMO . It will clarify if the service was marked as mandatory or optional.


Mandatory applications are installed silently using remote notify, timer, user logon scripts, etc,



//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event