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NVDAgent WQL calls and statements

Adam Franks_1
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NVDAgent WQL calls and statements

I am transitioning our client from 2.x to 4.x and we used to be able to look in the NVD.ini to figure out what the current service being deployed was. It has come to my attention that the ini no longer points to that current IDMLIB.

I was given some WQL code to query the NVDAgent. But I have not been able to come up with how to get the current IDMLib using the code.

The attachment here is all the known calls to the DLL that I have.

Below is some sample code to pull location paramaters.

' Connect to the Novadigm namespace and method class
Set process = GetObject("winmgmts://./root/novadigm:NVD_Agent")

' Initialize the methods and params we are going to use
Set location_method = process.Methods_ ("GetLocation")
Set location_params = location_method.inParameters.SpawnInstance_()

location_params.Location = ""
Set outParameters = process.ExecMethod_ ("GetLocation", location_params)
WScript.Echo "GetLocation [Root] Rc = " & outParameters.Path

If you replace the "" in the line below with System, Cache, and Log you get the current location.

location_params.Location = ""

Does anyone know of any others you can query? Is there any documentation for this?

I know there is Environment variable in the session of the running Radia Connect that contains the current IDMLib but I am looking for a way to query that value from outside of the connect like a WQL query.

Sorry my question is all over the place I do not know how else to ask the question. I hope the attachment will help others with the WQL calls.
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Re: NVDAgent WQL calls and statements

Dear Adam,
the services are in the aservice.edm.

the file is as an example

Please be aware that RADMAN can be a other directory on your computer. This depends on your radskman call.

In this directory and below you will find the entries for the aservice.


I definatly don't understand your location part, but this still in the ini file.

In the directory c:\novadigm\lib there is the zmaster.edm file. This holds also the info for lib, system and log.

hope this helps a little.