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Hi, im having some problems whit the image deployment.

When the system is publishing the image (estep 3 after Sysprep execution)
I got an error that says, something like "cant find the
Prepwiz.ini file see log for details."

the problem is that there is no log file generated.

Im truing to make a windows XP image.
here are the steps y do:
* prepare the OS, (Folowing all recomendations from the manual)
* make my Sysprep file using the microsoft wizard
* run the prewiz .exe and put all the info
- the system then reboots and load Linux
- Linux beguin the imaging but about 1 minute after the beginnig puts the message i said earlier
apears some message about pressing alt+f1, alt +f2,alt+f3 for switching bettewn virtual consoles

thanks for all your help and sorry for my english

Att: Federico.
Best Regards,

Federico Chaves
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event