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How to detect 'programatically' when all patching has completed?

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Graham Land

How to detect 'programatically' when all patching has completed?

Our customer does all their patching by night and must always endeavour to comply with ISO140001 (Saving energy etc..)

This means that all pcs are switched off at night time. The customer then performs a wakeup on lan followed by a patch connect.
When multiple patches are being applied some of which require multiple reboots it is necessary to notify with HREBOOT=Y to ensure all patches are applied and verified before users come in the following morning.

The problem that we're having is trying to detect when all the patching and verification has completed so that we can run a shutdown script.

We did try notifying with a HREBOOT=P, however when some of the patches that needed to reboot the system were installed the system ended up powered down and when the users connected in the morning the patching/verification resumed.

I'm currently trying to use a post patching rexx script which will query to see if all patching is completed but I don't know what radia parameters I can query from such a script to verify completion. The post connect script runs following every patch reboot.

All suggestions welcomed, points for all replies.
Roy O Gatewood_
Honored Contributor

Re: How to detect 'programatically' when all patching has completed?

EXBEXIT is what's run at the end of a connect.
I suppose that you could verify that the connect ended successfully by taking a look at ZERROR for ZERRBRC.
It that's good then shutitdown.

Not fully though out so don't depend on it.
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event