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Hiding Radtray icon with reboot panel display

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Hiding Radtray icon with reboot panel display

Hi everyone,

I have the following requirement :
(a) Hide Radtray
(b) Display the reboot panel if any application requires reboot on installation , repair, etc . This panel should have the timeout value displayed.

I tried a few options and here are my observations :

1. In CSDB editor set RADTRAY=N in BASE_INSTANCE of Setting Class under Client domain.

2. Modify the ZSERVICE.REBOOT value as "AI=SY,AR=SY".

3. At the agent side run radskman with the following parameters :
"radskman ip=xxxx,uid=xx,ask=Y,hreboot=Y,rtimeout=360 ".

If I add "ind=N" in the above command, the radtray is invisible as per the requirement. The reboot panel gets displayed but it does not show the timeout value. Offcourse if i don't take any action on the panel, the system gets rebooted after the specified timeout value ( 360 seconds) which shows that the application is respecting the timeout value.

If I don't specify the "ind=N" parameter , the radtray is visible and the reboot panel gets displayed fine with the time out value as well.

Please suggest how I can combine the 2 features ( showing reboot panel with timeout values AND hiding the Radtray).

Steve Berube
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Re: Hiding Radtray icon with reboot panel display

This sounds like a CAE question vs a CAS question. I suggest moving this to the CAE forum as CSDB editor and other mentions here are not available in CAS.