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HPCAS Notify error

sandeep mathur
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HPCAS Notify error

Hi Guys,

I am able to get the software inventory of my management server.But when i try for other remote clients it is saying Failed to notify remote server:3465.

when i type "sc \\machinename query radexecd" it is saying that "[SC] OpenSCManager FAILED 5:

Access is denied." Pls help me out

if i get rid of this error I may get the software inventory of remote clients.

Karl Skelton
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Re: HPCAS Notify error

As per previous posting...

Page 30 of the CAS 7.2 guide has a section detailing what Ports and EXE's need to be excluded in you Firewalls both on the management server and client side.

If you need help with the exclusions then you'd be better off refering to your firewall vendor documentation.