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HPCAS 7.5 Infrastructure Server synchronization

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HPCAS 7.5 Infrastructure Server synchronization

I currently implementing HPCAS 7.5. My company have several remote sites and I want to use infrastructure server on those sites. I know that in order to function as a cache for software and patch management, the infrastructure server needs to synchronize with the core server.
When I check one of our infrastructure server, I found that the cache already around 3GB (consists of about 40 applications and 25 MS bulletin). If I have to do first synchronization an infrastructure server on remote site with low bandwidth, it would take very long time.
Is there any way to avoid this? Is there any way to do offline synchronization? Can I install the infrastructure server on my head office, do the synchronization and then ship the infrastructure server to the remote site? In that case, can I change the IP address, or I have to use the same IP address that the infrastructure server going to have on the remote site?

thanks a bunch!
Steve Berube
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Re: HPCAS 7.5 Infrastructure Server synchronization

The cache servers operate in two ways

1. Dynamic cache
2. Static pre-load cache

Dynamic cache populates anytime a request is served from that server. Basically its a reverse proxy and no management is needed on that

Static cache is where you pre-configure the type of software/services you want to preload on the server. This is done in the property sheet of the server in the CAS Management UI.

You may have an issue with your solution of syncing it at your primary site then shipping the server out. That process has been greatly improved in 7.8 however for 7.5 I believe you may have an issue where the devices trying to contact the server after shipment MAY use the IP vs the hostname, depending if you have DNS issues at your environment. But the approach is sound, if you can keep the same hostname/IP that would help, but if you must change the IP, you will at least need to keep the fully qualified hostname the same.

In 7.8, we detect those changes and update the records accordingly.

If that issue happens using ip vs hostname, what you can do is this:

The ProxyServer folder on the remote server will contain a cache or data folder under its structure that contains your cache. You can copy that out into a safe folder on the system, undeploy the infrastructure/proxy/cache server, redeploy then copy the cache folder back in.

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Re: HPCAS 7.5 Infrastructure Server synchronization

Hi Steve,
nice to meet you.
I already try my scenario, and I think it works. I only change the IP address and keep the FQDN. I also already join the infrastructure server at the main site. When the infrastructure server boots up at the remote site, the first thing HPCAS agent do is contacting the core server.
After that process, I can see at HPCAS console the IP address of the infrastructure server changed automatically. Next step, I try to synchronize infrastructure server with core server to see whether it will synchronize all from the beginning or only synchronize difference since the infrastructure server being taken offline. The result is it only synchronize the difference. I notice that from the connect.log file of the infrastructure server which closed in only a while, not take times as it would be if synchronizing from the beginning.
At the infrastructure server I preload the software and patch. I already test to deploy software and patch at remote site, and I see that the client connect to infrastructure server instead of core server when downloading the package (software/patch).
So I guess it works... I hope there's no hidden problem that is not shown now. :D

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