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HPCA agent uninstall issue

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HPCA agent uninstall issue

Hi All,


I have an issue in uninstalling the HPCA from the managed PCs through CAE Mgmt server


I want to remove all agents at a time not to go as one PC at a time.


can anyone help me in this providing full steps to be followed.


Appreciating your help and support.

Gowhar Jan
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Re: HPCA agent uninstall issue

Here is one way to remotely uninstall HPCA Agent from multiple machines:

1. Prepare a text file(machinelist.txt) where each line contains the IP address or hostname of the machine where HPCA Agent is to be uninstalled

2. Dowload PsExec.exe

3. Determine the MSI product code of HPCA Agent to be uninstalled. For 8.1 version of HPCA Agent the product code is {072890D5-A7B6-4993-970F-0121FFF5B6CA}

4. Run the following command:

psexec -d -e -u administrator -p xxx @machinelist.txt MsiExec.exe /q /X{072890D5-A7B6-4993-970F-0121FFF5B6CA}


It is possible I might have missed something here, let me know if these instructions work as expected.


And, by the way, what's the reason for a "mass uninstall" of HPCA Agent from the managed PCs?

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Re: HPCA agent uninstall issue

Many Thanks Gowhar for your kind and quick response


I will try it and come back to you with the result


Appreciate your support