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Compliance issue Client Automation Starter

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Compliance issue Client Automation Starter

I have set up Client Automation Starter edition with a view to keeping my 350+ HP workstations and notebooks up to date with drivers, BIOS and firmware updates.

I have successfully set up the application, deployed clients and downloaded softpaqs.

I have run an inventory and patch compliance discovery on a test box (a HP workstation xw6400) and have found that although it downloaded multiple bulletins, it only said that 3 bulletins matched the patch compliance for that device.
The Inventory reports the BIOS level as 786D4 v02.25 and after checking the HP website, the latest version of the BIOS available is v02.35 (sp42024) which was not downloaded by HP Client Automation Starter.

My question relates to how often the patch acquisition list is updated and why the acquisition process did not download this latest patch.

The patch acquisition downloaded 37 patches for this model of workstation (sysid 0A04) but only 3 of these bulletins are relevant (for the record these are SP41509, SP38542 and SP36915). The patch list lists these patches as having "vendor posted" and "vendor revised" as '0' instead of the date.

If anyone has any answers to any of these above questions I would be grateful. Please don't hesitate to ask for further clarification if required on any of the above.

Ben Sweetser
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Re: Compliance issue Client Automation Starter

Hi Chris,

The timing on when the softpaqs are made available through ActiveCheck (what is used for Softpaq acquisition) varies. If you see an update you would like to apply before it is available through acquisition, it can be published manually using the Publisher.

As for pulling patches and only having several applicable, it could be that all the others have been superseded on the system.

The date may not have been filled out for posted and revised in the metadata associated with these softpaqs. I've seen this to be the case on softpaqs in the past.


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