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Collecting application usage from CCM

Elias Abboud
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Collecting application usage from CCM

hello All

I am using the new CCM 2.0

I am trying to collect information about the usage of software resources-applications
i used the (( Discover Application Usage)) Wizard to do so but an error:

Completed on receiving synopsis object
with the code notready

and in the reporting console apllication usage section shows 0 devices monitored :)

OS is winXP for the PCs and Win2003 sp1 for the CCM server. No firewalls in the environment. I have used the wizard to deploy the usage agent.

Can anyone help troobleshooting this ?
If you can't solve it, post it :)
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Re: Collecting application usage from CCM


Please also check the
Configuration--->Reporting--->Usage Setting whether the collection is enabled.
Also Configuration---->Reporting---->usage Collection Setting whether the Application for which collection is to be made is selected.
Also check the No. of Managed Devices the tool is showing and does that system for which you want to collect the information Exist in that list.
Then reply me.