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Changing name on the CA server.

Chris Ruebel
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Changing name on the CA server.

I installed CA 7.9 on my server and then later on had to change the domain name for it. When I try and deploy the agent the target tries to send replies back to the old domain name. How do I change the domain name on the CA server to fix this?
Gowhar Jan
Outstanding Contributor.

Re: Changing name on the CA server.

If you're using Core and installed it in the default location, then do the following:

Browse to "C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\HPCA\Media\client\default\win32" and edit the install.ini. The value of the following attributes/variables there may be set to the OLD hostname. Change it to the new one:

Now deploy an Agent to remote device, it should connect to the new hostname.

Note: These instructions should enable you to correct the behaviour of a new remote install of HPCA Agent for Windows.

The hostname change may have more implications which this will not address.