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CCM jobs planning and CCM agent activation

Marek Konecny
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CCM jobs planning and CCM agent activation

Hi all,

We try to evaluate CCM for our customer. We realised that jobs are everything in CCM and We have to schedule inventory process, software distrubution process etc... But when a client (e.g. notebook) is not connected at our scheduled time, the scheduled jobs is ended with errors and it's problem because we cannot estimate when the client will be connected. Another client management solution have active agents - their agents can actively connect to their management server when the client is connect to the network and do some planned jobs. Is it possible to reach any similar behaviour in CCM? What are "best practises" for CCM"?
Steve Berube
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Re: CCM jobs planning and CCM agent activation

Is this for CCM 2.11? If so, please open a case as there was an issue with jobs timing out when they couldn't contact the target device. This has been addressed in a fix for CCM 2.11