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CCM agent install failure

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CCM agent install failure

I have installed CCM version 2.1 and i'm trying to deploy the management agent to a Vista workstation.

I get the following error

"Failed when enumerating network shares. code: access is denied.} {debug: exit(1), exit status was 1"

the firewall is swithched off

what could the problem be??

many thanks
Roy O Gatewood_
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Re: CCM agent install failure

This looks like the id you used doesn't have permission to attach the share.
I didn't think CCM 2.1 supported Vista anyway.
Kike Abad
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Re: CCM agent install failure

Test IPC$ disabled
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Re: CCM agent install failure

I am facing the same problem. I have tried installing the agent on system with win xp. I have enabled Remote Connection to the PC, firewall has been turned off. Through Remote Desktop connection i am able to log on to these PCs but the agent is not getting installed giving the same error as mentioned in the initiated question and also i get "Failed to Connect .. network path not found. This is funny since the server can ping the PC where it is trying to install the agent.

Any suggestions would be highly appreciated. Thanking you in advance!

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Re: CCM agent install failure

Were you able to figure out the cause of this issue?