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CAS database restoring

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CAS database restoring


We are using CAS 7.2 on windows 2003 sp2 standrard edition

due to migration activity we are in a way to re-install the application but want to restore the old database

Will new installed CAS work with just restoring the database


we have to copy any configurations files from old setup?

Please let us know about bringing the CAS application back to old state

Mruthyunjaya AR
Super Collector

Re: CAS database restoring

My approach to this would be that if you install the CAS application in exactly the same way as before and did not previously modify any config files post-install then you ought to be able to just move a copy of the old database into place for use with the new server.

Any post-install config/customisations made on the original version would have to be migrated as would be outside of the scope of the installer.

That's the way I'd look at it!

Steve Berube
Frequent Visitor

Re: CAS database restoring

If you have performed a backup of CAS using the migration/backup/restore utility then you can do a fresh install and run restore and it will restore/migrate from whatever you had backed up.
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