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CAS 7.2 infrastructure problem


CAS 7.2 infrastructure problem

Hi Experts,

I need details for below points

1.Installation of infrastructure server on Windows XP machine

2.In case of slow network links, can we create a infra server in the local network and share the synced data to the remote infra server?

Scenario : In the current case the data sync between Primary and infra server is taking too much of time

Can we reduce this by sync the management server with 1 local server& copy the data to remote server via media

Please let me know at the earliest

Esteemed Contributor

Re: CAS 7.2 infrastructure problem


Installation of Infrastructure server is supported on winxp. Only consideration is that the machine should have atleast of 5 GB of free disk space and it should be available continuously.

Infraserver purpose if what you are asking in your second question. You can place infra server at remote sites so that the devices dont need to come to the central server for the data.

However i am not sure of the scenario as of the folder containing the binaries can be copied and placed in a different machine to use it as an infrastructure server.

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event