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CAS 7.2 infrastrcuture sync queries


CAS 7.2 infrastrcuture sync queries

we need a exact solution for infrastructure syncronization , below are the queries

1.How much network bandwidth needed to sync the huge data from Primary to infra server , in our current environment it is 64kbps

2.What is the proposed link to be in between primary and infra

3.If no solution , how can we acheive the same with available 64kbps (need to know the possible methods to sync the data)

and send us the any document which refers solution for the above problems

Please reply at the earliest , need the solution o this at the earliest

Mruthyunjaya AR
Esteemed Contributor

Re: CAS 7.2 infrastrcuture sync queries


As far as i know there is no specific pre- requisite for the bandwidth or network link capacity for infra servers. It is generally done with a HTTP request. May be it will be taking a long time for the datasynchronization, suggested is to place the synchronizations in the off- peak hours.

Steve Berube
Frequent Visitor

Re: CAS 7.2 infrastrcuture sync queries

As Manohark stated, there is no specific requirements other than support for HTTP over the connection. The data is downloaded from the Server to the Remote servers and cached there. The download happens over HTTP.
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