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CAS 7.2 - Software installation count

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CAS 7.2 - Software installation count

Hi ALl,

I am using CAS 7.2 on Windows 2003 SP2

I need the info for below points

1.When any software installed on few systems , how can we know the numbers of systems with that perticuler software is installed

2.Report for per desktop patch compliance

3.Overall patch compliance

Please treat this as urgent

Mruthunjaya AR
Steve Berube
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Re: CAS 7.2 - Software installation count

Hi there
1. You can use the inventory management reports under the reporting tab in cas. the report you are looking for is the Managed Service report. This reports on HPCA installed applications, if you want to know user installed, you need to first run a discover hardware/software from the Management Tab > Groups Tab area. Then that information will appear in the discovered software report under reporting.

2. Patch reports require that you acquire some patches that you want to deploy/report on. Then you can run a discover patch scan (same process as above) and access the patch reports in reporting to view compliance information

3. Same as #2, but look at executive reports.