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CA & AD intgeration Script

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CA & AD intgeration Script

I tried to run Active Directory & CA integration script to deploy CA Agent for all PC that match with group policy created successfully. Usually the installation failed. When we try with another msi package it failed also. Investigating event viewer I found an error came from (Event ID 1085 â Application of Group Policy). Now itâ s seems an Active Directory case but i need your support to fix it.

The Case details are the following:

â ¢ There is File Shared server with IP Address that contains CA_agent.msi file. this file is shared with full permissions
â ¢ There is Active Directory server with IP Address that contains Test OU
â ¢ The Test OU contains around six PC for testing issues.

I tried to create group policy that forces all PC in Test OU to deploy & install CA_agent.msi from file shared server when this PC started. The policy created successfully but when PC started doesnâ t happen and an error appeared in Event Viewer. So, CA agent didnâ t install.

Your shares are highly appreciated
Steve Berube
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Re: CA & AD intgeration Script

You may want to post this on the CAE forums, I don't believe this applies to the Standard edition of the product.
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event