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Automate OS Deploy Image

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Automate OS Deploy Image

Hi All,

We have created XP OS image from HP Compaq DC 5100 MT.

The image creation process is OK and the deploy process is OK too, but when the deploy process is submeted from HP CCM Server on target device appear a Radia window (see attach) message with the following contents:

"According to policy this machine must reboot to performe low-level management operation. This operations may lead to an OS instalation. It is OK to proceed?"

To procced, we have to aswer yes to these message.

The target computer is rebooted, but few seconds after it stop again and prompt the following question:

"Policy require that the OS for this machine must be re-installed. It is OK to install the new OS now?"

1. yes
2. No

And we have to select option one to install the image.

The problem is that all the machines have to be remotely manager and by this way it impossible to deploy automatically the image because it need local intervention.

Does anyone have seemed this before?

Thanks in advance

Best Regards,

Re: Automate OS Deploy Image

Hi Colombo,

There is an option under the Configuration console tab (at the top of the CCM window), in the OS Management section that allows you to silence the prompts. Have you tried working with this option yet?

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event