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How to deploy the CAE agent Locally?

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How to deploy the CAE agent Locally?

Dear Frinds


We are doing a new implementation CAE 9.0. The customer is having around 6000 desktops around the globe (6 locations in India & 5 location in abroad).  The core server is in India & satellites are spread on all other locations. Now we need to start agent deployment. The size of agent bits is around 60MB. The customer not agreed to push the agent from the core server because he is worried about the bandwidth. He is asking alternative solution without using the WAN


Now my question is


  1. When we push the agent to all devices every time is it copy the agent from core server or is it have any internal intelligence to cache the installer bits in local subnet & install?
  2. Is there any other why to install the agent without using WAN network.




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Re: How to deploy the CAE agent Locally?



HPCA Core and Satelite architecture provides an option to configure satellites in different geographical locations. The target devices ( agents) will download the agent media from the nearest satellite and not from Core, if configured correctly. Core works as a failover in such cases.



//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event