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queues in /HP/CM/ConfigurationServer/data/core not getting cleared


queues in /HP/CM/ConfigurationServer/data/core not getting cleared


The queues in /HP/CM/ConfigurationServer/data/core are not getting cleared.

The queues that are created newly are getting cleared but the old queues are not getting cleared.
I have tried restarting the services and even restarting the server.


Please suggest what to do do.


Thanks in advance.

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Re: queues in /HP/CM/ConfigurationServer/data/core not getting cleared



If the contents of those old queues is not important, you can configure them to be discarded. For whatever reasons, those messages are not getting processed, you can set a maximum time till which they can remain in the queue.


The default values of DELAY and ATTEMPTS make a message remain in the queue for too long ( guess 8 days)  before it is discarded finally. You can try modifying them in such a way that the messages are attempted once and then immediately discarded. Set the values back to original or desired ones later.


It will still be good to know the actual reason of not clearing the old queues.